Review - Sushi World

Best Local Japanese Takeaway near Lee Green, London SE12

Louise Campbell

" Best takeaway sushi in the area - thank you to H for delivery and friendly service. "

Asfandyar R - 07/04/2018

" We have ordered quite a few times from Sushi World and have always been very happy with the quality of the sushi. They are bit more expensive than other restaurants but the portions are generous and the quality much better than other local sushi restaurants. It does take about an hour for the order to arrive but we now plan and order ahead. We were very happy to get our 6th order with a 50% discount today. Everything was delicious! "

Arfan R - 30/01/2018

" 2nd time ordering from here and will definitely be coming back. Ordered about 35 mins before closing and the sushi was still super fresh, superbly made and so delicious.This place is consistently amazing!! "

Shinji A - 06/10/2017

" Amazing place for new and returning customers at really great prices without breaking the bank. "

Tia H - 29/08/2017

" Addicted to this sushi place as its on ubereats for fast delivery! Great miso soup and sushi rolls. Great veggie bento box and great value. I love the seaweed salad too with seasme oil yum! highly recommend this. "

Moddy11 - 12/06/2017

" Not the first time I order here. They are quite fine. Especially compared to other sushi restaurants around London. Would recomend. Plus, they have mochi ice-cream. "

Kaysor K - 31/03/2017

" Definitely one of my favourite places for sushi Japanese (Lee) It's reasonably priced and the quality is great! I especially recommend their soft crabs futamaki. "

Stephen W - 24/10/2016

" Beautiful food as ever. Lovely fresh sushi and amazing soft shell crab. The only downside I would say is that the Katsu chicken seemed a very small portion size for the price. But fantastic overall. I wish I could afford to eat here every day! "

Piter - 22/09/2015

" Sushis are fantastic,fresh and testy. fried rice, noodles and seafood soup have all been lovely very tasty. Never disappointed by sushi japanese! "

Edo - 21/09/2015

" Beautiful sushi! Fantastic for the price. My friend Mr Dentol is a big takeaway guy and I'm definitely telling him about this place. "

Juliana - 20/09/2015

" Great quality and very fast delivery. "

Tiago - 15/09/2015

" Looks like we've found our new regular Japanese takeaway at our new address.everything tasted great,and most importantly,felt clean! "

Andrew - 14/09/2015

" I love good sushi and these guys do it really well!! Ordered many times from them and will order many more times. "

Adam - 14/09/2015

" Fresh, quick, beautiful and tasty. Will be ordering again. "

Roy - 14/09/2015

" Excellent meal, a refreshing change from the mainstream take away's. The food was presented wonderfully and it is evident that the staff are passionate in the quality and presentation of their food. "

Binny - 13/09/2015

" Yakisoba noodle was cooked beautifully and the service was also brilliant as usual.will continue to be my favourite takeaway in the area. "

Kevin - 13/09/2015

" Authentic sushi place that delivers food on time,the portions are large and the food is well packaged & nicely presented by delivery man,the biggest futomaki roll I've seen! So fresh and tested good, specially futomaki roll and soup was marvellous,and got delicious dessert as complementary, I look forward to ordering again and trying something new. "

Juan - 06/09/2015

" Very good quality of food and fantastic customer service. "

Andrew - 03/09/2015

" Quality,presentation and taste everything perfect, well done. "

Lin - 29/08/2015

" Good quality of food and great service,recommend. "

Jitti - 27/08/2015

" I really can't praise the food in this place enough. I have ordered from here a few times and is just keeps getting better and better. Well done guys keep it up. "

Ellie - 25/08/2015

" Delicious food, fast delivery. Will definitely order again! "

Nina - 24/08/2015

" Great sushi, fast delivery and good customer service. "