About Sushi World

Best Japanese Takeaway in Lee Green, London SE12 8PZ

Japanese food, where clean eating meets culinary artistry. Where raw fish, pickled vegetables, seaweed strands and tempura sculptures are works of fine cooking. In traditional Japanese cuisine, as in Japanese life, there are rules. Meals are divided into bowls and dishes, which are then further subdivided, all in an effort to separate flavors so that they might not touch each other. Here at Sushi World, artistic cuisine begins with their shapes and colours, serving plates and bowls where the courses end in complement. Sushi World discovering Japanese subtle flavours, preparation techniques and presentation prepares fabulous infusion combinations of Japanese and Western food.

Sushi World is the new culinary takeaway destination in the City of Lee Green. First for the locality, the launch of a standalone restaurant where Japanese heritage and modern European cooking techniques have inspired the chef’s team to create an array of Uramaki, Sashimi, Gunkan, Nigiri, Box Meal and Yakisoba. Sushi World is promising to serve the best Japanese sushi and traditional Japanese food.